Dr S Bhargava

Cheif Dental Surgeon

Dr S Sripradha

Clinical Head
Specialist Othodontist

Dr T.V. Pavan Kumar

Specialist Othodontist

Patient Reviews

Peaceful ambience ! Friendly doctors and staff. Was able to have a good rapport with the doctors. Overall it was a good experience being there 🙂

Sangavi Ramesh Avatar Sangavi Ramesh
February 29, 2020

Went for basic checkup to the dental clinic. Had cleaning and polishing, after which my confidence increased. Thanks Doctor.

Prabhu Ram Avatar Prabhu Ram
February 29, 2020

Very good and friendly doctor

Nithya Sridharan Avatar Nithya Sridharan
March 1, 2021

Visit us @ Malkajgiri,Hyderabad

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